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Welcome To The Computer TechsONE TEAM, INFINITE
We Service Mac and Microsoft Windows PC
Computer Techs offers different levels of computer support ranging from full onsite warranty to telephone support options with a much reduced callout charge if the problem needs an onsite visit.

At Computer Techs, we provide a desktop support service for a whole range of Mac computers, including older models and operating systems.

This includes:
  • Network connectivity (internet connection and file sharing)
  • Application functionality of Quark and creative suite
  • Security issues, prevention of viruses
  • Printing issues/glitches
We have extensive experience of all Mac Operating systems including:
Mac OS 8 OS 9 and OSX 10.2 through to 10.5
PC (Microsoft Windows)
We can also support a wide variety of PC systems.

  • Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
  • PC Hardware Repair
  • Application Support
  • Virus Prevention and Data Security
  • Network Troubleshooting
Computer Techs engineers have extensive experience of all aspects of PC installation, support and troubleshooting.
Remote Support
If you are experiencing an IT problem that needs to be urgently resolved you donít often want to wait until an engineer can be scheduled to attend your premises, also engineer visits can be expensive and subject to delays.

There is an alternative to having an engineer visit.

We can provide remote desktop support for a very reasonable one off fee. We can connect to your machine remotely to investigate your problem and provide you with second line support to resolve a variety of problems while you watch!

Please contact us for further information.